Tailored, upon your request, we will create immersive experiences that assist participants in

  • Accessing Skills and Knowledge
  • Celebrating Diversity (e.g., race, gender and culture)
  • Embodying Personal, Professional and Community Values

Workshop Topics May Include

  • Awareness of Thoughts-Feelings-Actions in the Workplace
  • Boundaries—Balancing of Responsibilities and Freedoms
  • Conflict Resolution: We are More than You and Me
  • Creativity: Portals to Innovation and Sustainability
  • Fun: Promoting Happiness as a Tool for Productivity
  • Mindful Focusing—Keeping Concentration Where It Needs to Be
  • Stress/Time Management: Choices, Actions and Reflections
  • Stories of Change: Envisioning Alternate Accounts of Past/Present/Future
  • Unity in Diversity: Interconnectedness and Authentic Expressions of Individuality
  • Values in the Workplace: Optimizing Ethics of Service to Humanity

Workshops offer team-centred moments to recognize talents, galvanize efforts, infuse creativity and nurture trust.