—of self and others—
opens hearts,
brightens minds
and awakens growth opportunities.

Daniel’s Values Story

Since childhood I have taken the Golden Rule to heart, affirmed that “we’re all on the same side,” and resolved that I would grow up to be sensible. Having lived in several countries and engaged in many courageous conversations, I understand that we seek coherence and meaning throughout our lives.

The guiding ethic, and principle motivation, informing my approach revolves around connections between ideas, people, cultures, races, and so forth. Discerning patterns of inter-relatedness led me towards a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Human Development and Family Relations (with a specialized training in Marriage and Family Therapy).

My greatest hope is that we become ever more aware that we are cells in the body of humanity and that we practice this knowledge through our thoughts, words, actions and reflections.

As a professional, I recognize the importance of every person’s essential worth and also various ways that our choices effect, and are affected by, one another and the world around us.