• meaningful conversations

  • reviving excellence

  • heroic adventures

  • growth-oriented

  • interdependence

  • healing focus

  • strengths-based

  • awakening resilience

  • intentional responses

We all need connection, encouragement and support.

Being well means sharing a world together. A positive relationship with the therapist is the most important element of effective counselling. This provides safety and nurtures the optimism that accompanies longer, happier and healthier lives.


Daniel Dufraimont is a Registered Psychotherapist with over a decade of experience in Individual, Couple and Family Counselling.


Experiential Workshops are available to agencies, corporations or groups.


Our Values

Awareness—of self and others—opens hearts, brightens minds and awakens growth opportunities.

Who we are flows beyond when we were born, where we go, what we say, or why we act. Our collective existence and knowledge also includes how we each choose to experience living.